5 Simple Steps to Better Tool Organization

5 Simple Steps to Better Tool Organization

Well-planned worksite organization plays a major part in determining the success of any project. This is especially true when multiple people are working in the same area or in shifts at the same job. Minimizing frustration is a key part in maintaining morale, collaboration and focus – all of which effect your bottom line!

Want to understand the 5 S System for organization? It is a must for ANY Plant Manager, General Contractor or Operations Manager. 

Our team holds tightly to the 5 S System for Organization which is:
1. Sort
2. Set in Order
3. Shine
4. Standardize
5. Sustain

You can immediately see that this process bring immediate benefit to any project, facility or manufacturing line. At Mid-Land Enterprises we are often called out to work within a facility both on our own or in tandem on a line. The importance of our consistent application of the 5 S System can not be overstated. While our worksites change based on our contracted jobs, you can still make great leaps in efficiency at a fixed location with an organized tool and area management.

This powerful process can change your work experience. If you are in management, be sure to communicate these goals clearly. It is imperative that the entire team buy-in to this system for maximum benefit. The reduction in worksite frustration alone is worth it but you’ll see many other benefits in a very short time.

To implement this great tool, we’ve written a short guide so you can quickly master the basics. We even added a handy one-page reminder poster you can use in your worksite, station, factory, plant or right on a toolbox itself.

Download the PDF

If you liked our guide, feel free to share it and pass it on! At Mid-Land Enterprises we’re serious about helping everyone run their shop the absolutely best they can.

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