Awning FAQs

Mid-Land Awnings FAQ

Q: How big of an awning should I get? I’m not sure of our budget.
A: Don’t think about the awning. Concentrate on the size of the area you want to protect. You’re buying shade. You need weather protection from the sun. You want to expand your living area. The awning is just the tool to accomplish these tasks and create a more comfortable extended living area.

Q: What kind of awning or canopy do I need?
A: An awning can be fixed (stationary) which will cover all year round from all elements. Or you can have the convenience of a retractable awning. Grab a hand crank or push a button, and you can have a covered room in less than a minute. You control when you want shade, instantly. At night when you want to view the heavens, it’s tight against the house. A retractable awning occupies a space about 9″ square when retracted. The same is true in winter. Normal summer night storage is no different than winter storage.

Q: How much difference will an awning or canopy really make?
A: An awning or canopy can make the covered area up 15-20 degrees cooler than without it.

Q: Can an awning or canopy reduce my utility bills?
A: Absolutely. Shading an area of your house, particularly the one that gets the evening sun will make that side of the house cooler, and your air conditioner will not need to run as much.

Q: Other than the shade and potential energy savings, what are some other advantages of having an awning or canopy?
A: Other than energy savings and having a comfortable shaded area outside, you will not need to put your blinds down to block the sun, thus being able to see outside in the heat of the day.

Q: On retractable awnings, am I stuck with the distance it will travel, or can I stop it anywhere I want?
A: With either manual operation or motor operation, you can stop the retractable awning at any distance you want.

Q: Can I use my retractable awning in the rain?
A: You can use them in a light rain, but remember, retractable awnings are mainly designed for shade.

Q: What if a storm blows up while I’m in the house and I forget about the retractable awning being out?
A: All of our motorized retractables are installed with a wind sensor that will retract when a strong wind blows. This is a setting that can be adjusted depending on where you live.



As awning and canopy consultants, we identify the following to understand the scope of the project:

  • What area are we looking to protect with the awning?
  • Will it be a wall or roof mounting?
  • How wide does the awning need to be?
  • What projection, distance from the home to the end of the patio or deck?
  • Which direction (North, South, East or West) do we face?
  • What are the possible mounting heights?
  • Mounting surface; brick, wood, vinyl, aluminum, stone?
  • Are we on the first, second or third floor?
  • Are we high on a hill, or on the water?
  • What color is the home where the awning will be mounted?

Another Question to Consider:
Do you want a manual retractable, or a motorized retractable awning? If so, where is electrical access? The motor on a retractable deck awning is invisible. It’s located in the roller tube and can be placed on either the right or left side (looking back at the house). The awning will only pull 2 to 3 amps of power. So the retractable awning can be connected to most any electric source (not 220) and then will be operated by remote.