The Importance of 5S Workplace Organization Methodology at Your Facility

The Importance of 5S Workplace Organization Methodology at Your Facility

At Mid-Land Enterprises we are called out to work in facilities with foreign work environments and different schedules. Our scope of work may include coming on your line and making a small repair, or maintenance procedure, or we may settle in for a job too big to distract your regularly scheduled employees from their day-to-day operations. Whatever the case, we implement the 5S Workplace Organization Methodology and get our work done with minimal interruption to your line and efficient time management which protects your bottom line.

Sometimes simply referred to as “5S”, this workplace housekeeping system is part of a continuous dedication to lean manufacturing. “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” is the mantra of this method and as we bring our tools into your facility or we work alongside your employees, this system reduces waste and optimizes productivity through the maintenance of an orderly workspace.

The five pillars are as follows:

1. Sort

Sorting not only saves time and space, but annoyances in the workflow are quickly identified and can be remedied. Without a sorting process, communication between workers is diminished and that collaboration is imperative for improving productivity.

2. Set in Order

Being able to find what you need, when you need it is the ultimate process for eliminating waste. The standardization of order reduces not only time waste, but it can also lead to a leaner inventory when things can be found when they are critically needed. Unsafe conditions are also identified in this step as order can create a more predictable workflow which leads to less risk.

3. Shine

We focus not only on where our tools are at all times, but also what condition they are in. The concept of “shine” as a big part of the workspace can mean not only very literally keeping everything clean, but it also can bring us to requiring more light for a job, which improves morale as the working condition improves. The idea of keeping a tool in the right condition can help us identify when to replace a tool as the defects of wear and tear become more obvious, but the more ephemeral application of this is to consider the poor morale that can pervade when a place is dimly lit and not properly clean. The pride in our work is shown in this pillar.

4. Standardize

At Mid-Land, we can count on anyone on our team fully understanding and implementing our standard operating procedures. As multiple people work together on a task either at the same time or over a period of time it is important that the standardization of these processes is well established. The effect of having total team “buy-in” into this methodology creates an equal working relationship wherein everyone is expected to do their part to maintain the levels of excellence. Standardization also must include the voice for anyone on the team to identify and be rewarded for continual improvement of the system.

5. Sustain

As with any great idea, execution is key. Once execution starts, however, consequences must follow for lack of maintenance. Any great organization methodology will stand the test of time if the rewards and losses are clearly defined and fairly measured.

While this system is a standard, each job is different, and at Mid-Land Enterprises, our employees are trained to constantly brainstorm on ways to improve any given situation. As a third-party, highly-skilled workforce, we know that these standards are the basis for the quality of work our repeat customers have come to expect from us.

Want to know more about how we can work alongside your crew to keep your line on schedule and on-budget? Many companies also rely on us for maintenance related projects and expansion needs. Contact us and we will help determine the help you need.